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Love-Care-Serve & Make a Change 

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INDIA is home for more than 31 million Orpnhans. in 1.3 billion people no 1 country in the world 

we are called to start movement called " IAM NOT ORPHAN " where we Reach and Rescue orphan babies through our various projects and its a network of Responsibility for being a Human to our orphan children.Our Goal is to provide children who are mostly fatherless ,abandoned and No identity of knowing their parents.Since we have been taking care of orphans on and off since 1995 May ,Now we are continuously helping orphans since 2012  but currently we have more than 600 orphans and abandoned kids that are in Need. we are now working on Building a Home for 80 orphans . we already running an orphanage for 29 kids by providing basic needs of Nutritional Food, highly skilled education with computer program and music, Hygiene ,Job skills and Motivation through teaching them how to be Responsible Disciple for this humanity . Todays kids are our future Generations its like planting each valuable seeds in Good soil. In our kids hearts they are not fatherless but they are unconditionally Loved by their creator .It is not too late for you to join with us in this AMAZING moment called " IAM NOT ORPHAN " as we have heavenly promised things By our creator  but  currently we have responsibility to provide Home for 80/100 kids that are in ultimately need of emergency basic needs of  Food, water, hygiene, education, Home and Future with promises of Life skills . our believes are completely invested in children and we are called to Reach and Rescue children who are needed to rescued . to finish the Building we need $56000 keep us lifted in your prayers 




Look its Hope Food and grocery bag 

Introducing our Hope Rescue Food and Grocery bag  which costs around $35 it will help Family of 4 entire 3 weeks supply for whole month which they needed  The Hope bag contains 30 pounds of rice , lentils ,wheat , vegetables , hygiene kit ,snacks and other ingredients , it costs $35 please adopt a minimum 5 families a month 

Introducing Hope Rescue Bag 


children here havent had food for 18 days since lockdown , they are looking at our team who is doing the covid aid and distributing the food supplies 20 days worth
this women is widow she lost her husband in suicide but through reach and rescue she able to sustain herself we donated suing machine "women empower
Grace children Home orphan kids  reach and rescue missions india

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Rescuing Families facing starvation due to 






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If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday

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